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The personal fire safety trainer that runs fire drills on a schedule.​


FireGuide is set up on the trainee’s cell phone by a human trainer (usually a parent or guardian) to give personal instructions.


This setup is as simple as:

1. making a short recording and

2. scheduling the drill you recorded.


When it’s time for a drill to run, your trainee gets a notification on their cell phone that it is time to do a fire drill. When they tap the notification, the FireGuide app opens on their phone, and the recording for starting a drill plays.


When the FireGuide in the center of the screen is tapped, the drill recording begins to play, the FireGuide starts walking, and a timer is started.


The drill recording plays continuously until your trainee finishes the drill and taps the green “thumbs up” button.


When the drill is done, FireGuide checks to see if the trainee’s time for this drill was better than the last time.


If the time is faster, the “Congratulations!” notice is played.


If the time is slower, the “Better Next Time” notice plays.

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