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How and What do I test?
And What Do I Get in Exchange?
AKA: Exhibit A
Description of Beta Test Material(s) to be Tested: “How and What”

FireGuide has two users- the trainer (you!) and the trainee (your child / sibling / partner / friend), who performs the drills.


To begin, please fill out the short demographic survey at: Intro Survey

As the trainer, you use the Setup Features to customize the App for your trainee.

In Setup, you record Notices and Drills, set the schedule for the drills based upon the Trainee’s availability, and listen to the Feedback from the Trainee.

Based upon the Feedback, you will likely need to delete drills and record new versions that incorporate your trainee’s comments.

The website ( has short videos for each of these sections.

Download Exhibit A


For each of these Setup Features, please comment on ease of use, problems encountered, and your recommendations for improvement at this link: Setup Survey


When you are in Setup in the App, tapping the icon of an action opens a help web page associated with that action. For example, explains each of the 3 notices with suggested wording.

  1. Notices

    1. Help - tap 

    2. Create

    3. Modify as appropriate

  2. Drill(s)

    1. Help - tap

    2. Create

    3. Modify as appropriate

  3. Schedule

    1. Help - tap

    2. Create

    3. Modify as appropriate

  4. Feedback

    1. Help - tap

    2. Listen

    3. Delete

As your Trainee performs the drills, please capture their experience in the brief survey at: Drill Check-in

  1. Drills - Trainee

    1. Ease of use


At any point that you want to share insights or make suggestions, please do so in: Experience Summary Survey.

What Do I Get in Exchange?


Thank you for helping make FireGuide the best personal trainer for fire safety! In exchange for your demonstrated participation of:


Galactic Smarties grants you a free license for 12 months, beginning at the date of this agreement. Additionally, should your Trainee perform a minimum of 1 drill per month over the 12 months, you will be granted a 30% discount on the standard subscription for the subsequent year.

When you complete all steps of the program you are entered into a giveaway for a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

AND... our undying gratitude! Fire safety is no one's idea of fun, so we are truly grateful for your help and hope you get great value from FireGuide, too!

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